Work on Highway 25 – toll zone

During the month of March, work on Highway 25 in the area of toll equipment will cause obstacles to traffic. The highway and bridge will still be accessible to traffic. However, traffic lanes will be closed alternately depending on the progress of work and only in the evening and during the night. Only the southbound ramp on Lévesque Boulevard will be closed at night and in the evening. A detour will be needed by Roger-Lortie Avenue and a temporary sign will indicate the detour.


There will also be signage on the A25 motorway near the work area and users are encouraged to exercise caution and respect this signage for the safety of workers and road users.


Location: Highway 25 – Toll Zone Area in Both Directions

Dates: February 29 to March 27, 2016

Hours: In the evening and night (between 18h and 05h00)