Closings in the nights of July 13 to 15 on highways 25 and 440 in Laval

Laval, July 13, 2011 – The Department of Transportation will conduct full night closings on Highways 25 and 440 in Laval. On July 13 and 14, from 10 pm to 5 am the following day, highways 25 north (between the Roger-Lortie exit and the entrance of boulevard des Mille-Îles) and 440 east (between Masson climb and the junction of the Highway 25) will be closed.


These obstacles announce the beginning of works which will extend until August 21st. These will put in place the measures announced in June to facilitate road traffic at the junction of highways 440 east and 25 north in Laval. During the works, from July 15 to August 21, traffic lanes will be diverted, and the reserved lane of Highway 25 North will be closed from Montée Masson to Boulevard des Mille-Îles.


Remember that the measures that will be in effect at the end of August will allow users from Highway 440 to maintain the right lane and offer greater flexibility to carpoolers. The Department will continue to monitor the situation closely.


This year again, the number of road building sites is very high throughout Quebec. Before each departure, find out about the obstacles by consulting the site to better plan your trips. The Ministry of Transport also invites you to exercise greater vigilance at the wheel and to respect the speed displayed when approaching work areas. Good road !